Hints & Tips on using the Bulldog Camera Kit as a Pinhole Camera

A pinhole image is not pin sharp, but you do achieve a soft ethereal image and with the long exposure time (5-10 seconds generally in bright sunlight) this can give you an interesting effect with moving subjects such as trees, plants, water and people. The best pinhole images are made on a bright sunny day/high contrast and at close or medium distance to get the best from this type of lens, and the depth of field is about 1 foot to infinity.

1) Composing the photograph:- the image from the pinhole lens is too dark to see on the ground glass screen so if you look from alternatively the two corners of the back panel of the area that will be covered by the pinhole lens and as the front of the camera is racked out the angle will vary but will always give you an accurate idea of what you are photographing.

Viewing from the top and bottom of the back panel on the side of the camera to the centre of the front panel will give the height of the image.

2) Exposure:- The f number of the pinhole lens varies at different focal lengths, the chart below gives a guide to the f number/focal length you can use.

Guide coming soon...

If your camera meter does not go up to the appropriate aperture, use this f number guide and double the exposure at every next f number until you get to the one you are using.

8 - 11 - 16 - 22 - 32 - 45 - 64 - 90 - 128 - 180 - 250 - 360 - 500

3) Making the exposure:- as there is not a shutter in the lens, the easiest way to make the exposure is to cover the pinhole lens with either a dark card or black focussing cloth but not touching it. Withdraw the sheath from the double dark, slide allow the camera to settle and remove the card or cloth for the exposure time required. After the correct time re-cover the pinhole and insert the sheath in the double dark slide. Most Polaroid backs work well with large format pinhole cameras and produce quick results on either B&W or colour film.

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