Bulldog Large Formart Self Assembly Cameras

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build you own camera? The satisfaction of producing high quality images on a camera you have built entirely yourself.

Well now is your opportunity with the Bulldog Self Assembly Camera, a large format camera you build from start to finish. Each camera comes with a fully illustrated instruction booklet that guides you through all the stages involved in building the camera.

The Bulldog has all the workings of a standard large format camera. It offers full movement allowing rise, fall and tilt as well as having an international back that will take both roll and sheet film. The finished camera comes supplied with a pinhole and takes a Linhof Technica style lens panel and suitable lens (film holder and lens panel not supplied with the camera).

The Bulldog Self Assembly Camera is an ideal entry level into the world of large format photography and can be ordered direct from Bulldog Cameras.

Bulldog Support

Want to know how to assemble the Bulldog Self Assembly camera?

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Hints & Tips on using the Bulldog Camera Kit as a Pinhole Camera.

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